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Churches in America List

Most Accurate Church List on the Market!

Don't leave it to chance, use a PROVEN Church Mailing List 

  • 100% Deliverability Guaranteed
  • Over 90% of the names have been acquired via direct-response.   
  • NO DUPLICATION in your mailings. We only use one proven address per Church so that your mailing will be received by the right person, the first time.
  • 100% Delivery Point Validated.

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In-House Data Services
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  • Dedup against your own list -- Rent names you don’t already have!
  • Church List Cleanup Package
  • Database Profiling
TC001: Churches in America
TC001A:  Evangelical Churches in America
TC001B:  Liturgical Churches in America
TC001C:  Charismatic Churches in America
TC001D:  Other Religious Affiliations
TC001E:  Independent Churches in America
TC-DENOM: Churches by Denomination
TC-SIZE: Churches by Size
Denomination Worksheet

*Counts on the above PDF documents are estimates.  Contact us for updated firm counts*

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