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Churches by Ministry Lists

Leaders and Churches with Active Buyer History -
Not a Compiled Keypunched Database!

Direct-Response Church Mailing List

  • 1-Time Rental or Unlimited Year’s Lease
  • 100% Deliverability Guaranteed
  • NCOA Updated Monthly - Re-outputs with Unlimited Lease
  • No Duplication - Only 1 Address per Church
  • Unique Selects for Targeted Mailings: Contact Names, Recency, Multibuyers, Attendance, Ministries/Programs
  • Over 285,000 with purchasing history, plus 20,000 from directories to provide comprehensive coverage of every Church in America
  • Over 280,000 phone numbers for Telemarketing Usage

In-House Data Services
Free File Set-Up for first-time clients!

  • Dedup against your own list -- Rent names you don’t already have!
  • Church List Cleanup Package
  • Database Profiling

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Mailing Lists

TC002:  Churches with Worship & Music Programs
TC003:  Growth Oriented Churches
TC004:  Churches with Known Youth Programs
TC005:  Mission Oriented Churches
TC006A:  Black Churches
TC006B:  Hispanic Churches
TC010:  Churches with A/V Equipment Interest
TC012:  Churches with Known C.E. Interest
TC016:  Churches with Daycares/Preschools
TC017: Churches with Schools
TC023:  Canadian Churches
TC023:  Canadian Churches - Denom-Size Report
TC032:  Churches with Email
TC033:  Churches with Children's Ministries
TC038:  Church Secretaries
TC040: Church Publications
TC041: Churches With Adult Ministries
MF048:  Tyndale Bulk Subscribers
MF055:  ChurchSource Buyers

*Counts on the above PDF documents are estimates.  Contact us for updated firm counts*

> > > Output Formats and Charges

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