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Church Leaders List

Maximize Your Results - Send Your Mailing to Our List of the Most Responsive Church Leaders!

Here's just some of the things that make this list great...

  1. All contacts are Church Leaders at their Church Addresses.  You will reach Pastors at work, when they are making purchasing decisions.
  2. All contacts have been verified within the past 24 months.
  3. All contacts have made purchases for their Church within the last 24 months.  And, the majority have made those purchases via Direct Mail. 
  4. Entire list is address corrected AND deduped several times per year, ensuring accuracy and maximizing response. 
  5. Over 99.5% of contacts have phone numbers available*, making this list perfect for integrating direct mail and telemarketing into your campaign.  Response substantially increases when a telemarketing campaign follows a direct mail piece.   

And, that's just the standard list.

Increase response even more by customizing a targeted list that suits YOUR campaign. You can select Church Leaders based on Church size, Purchasing History, Location, Denomination, and more.

*Additional charge applies. See PDF below for pricing details

In-House Data Services
Free File Set-Up for first-time clients!

  • Dedup against your own list -- Rent names you don’t already have!
  • Church List Cleanup Package
  • Database Profiling
TC042: Church Leaders

*Counts on the above PDF documents are estimates.  Contact us for updated firm counts*

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