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Church Leaders Guide

Easy, Economical Way to Attract New Church Customers
Mail to 100,000 Most Active Churches in 90 denominations from 1 to 3 cents each
Description: This printed 4-color catalog 6 x 10 along with its digital counterpart will present your products to several thousand new Churches and the most active Churches of all sizes. Our sections make it easy for Church leaders to find your product: Curriculum, Facilities/Administration, Ministries/Programs, and Worship/Music/AV. Table of contents features advertiser names and websites.
Annual 2018 issue
Reach 50,000 Pastors at Unique Church addresses each issue or 100,000 total unique Churches for the 2018 ANNUAL ISSUE mailing in January 2018 and the 2019 ANNUAL ISSUE mailing in August 2018.

Reach the first group of 50,000 Churches in January 2018 and the second group of 50,000 Churches in August 2018. The list is selected from the Tri-media Churches in America list of 300,000+. All of the 100,000 Churches selected are direct mail and telemarketing responsive buyers with some or all of the following ministries:
  1. Active Youth Programs
  2. Children's Ministries
  3. Adult Small Groups or Bible Studies
  4. Choir or Worship Programs
  5. Men's or Women's Ministries
  6. Senior Adult Ministry
  7. Daycare/Preschool or Elementary thru High School
  8. Mission Oriented
Digital Version: accessed via URL listed through-out the catalog. We promote this digital version via a series of emails sent to the Tri-media Pastor/Church leader email file. Pastors/Church leaders may request product information from all advertisers via online request form. All ads have a live link to client URL provided.
Denominations: Reach the most active multi-buyer Churches from 90 denominations. 65% are evangelical which includes Baptist, Christian, Charismatic, Fundamental, Holiness, Pentecostal and others. 35% are liturgical including Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Catholic, Orthodox and others.

Sunday Attendance: Combined Church attendance over 20 million for our 100,000 selected. Most are over 100 Sunday attendance with some under 100 that are multi-buyers with active ministries.

Church Leaders Guide List Profile of Size, Denomination and State Reports

50,000 Churches Mailed January 19, 2018Closing December 5,2017
50,000 Churches Mailed August 17, 2018Closing July 5, 2018

Church Leaders Guide - Starting as low as $595
Full PageHalf PageQuarter Page
5 5/8" W x 9 1/4" H5 5/8" W x 4 3/8" H2 5/8" W x 4 3/8" H
 50,000 National1X2X3X4X 
 Quarter Page:$895$750$695$595 
 Half Page:$1395$1195$1095$995 
 Whole Page:$2295$2095$1995$1895 

Digital Version

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