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List Management

Many companies who actively offer their products and services in the Church market don’t realize the hidden potential in their own customer database. It can be a tremendous resource not just for their own company's growth ... but as a means of additional "indirect" income from other companies and businesses in Church and Christian community.

3 reasons to put your list on the market with Tri-Media:

  1. PROFITABILITY: Making your customer and prospect lists available for brokerage through Tri-Media can help generate income from the leads you’ve built in your years of business. The longer you’ve been in business, the more leads you have in your database ... and other marketing firms will pay to use them.
  2. SIMPLICITY: Tri-Media does all the work for you, including list maintenance, promotion, order fulfillment, usage monitoring and revenue collection and disbursement. All you need to do is determine what segments of your customer or prospect list you want to put on the market.
  3. PRIVACY and SECURITY: We understand how hard you’ve worked to establish credibility with your customers, and Tri-Media is committed to protecting your interests. All list users and mailers must meet your approval. Your list will be seeded with decoys, tracked and monitored for unauthorized use. All of the data you supply will be maintained in confidentiality by our highly-trained and professional Data Processing Staff.

In addition to these list management services, Tri-Media can help you through List Brokerage, Data Appending, and other value-added services designed to make your direct-marketing experience as profitable and pleasant as possible!

Multiple Marketing and Promotion Channels to enhance the visibility of your list. We’re in contact with over 1,000 direct-marketing companies, as well as on-line services, various industry listings, fax promotions and other marketing avenues.

Demographic Data Enhancement and Profiling optimizes your list’s rental potential. Tri-Media can append age, income, gender, age of children, and phone numbers to your files, thereby increasing the value of your list to potential list users.

List Cleanup and Maintenance keeps your list in prime condition, with address element correction, duplicate name elimination, Zip+4/address standardization, removal of bad addresses, NCOA and more.

To find out the full potential of your company's database, contact your Tri-Media Marketing Representative or call our List Manager at 800-874-4062 ext. 114

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