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Move Update

New Postal Rules could cause your next mailing to be rejected!

The Post Service Move Update rule effective Nov. 23, 2008 extends to all Standard (Bulk) mail and all       automation-rate and presort rate First Class Mail.

To satisfy the rule, all mail lists (including your house list) must have had their addresses updated within the last 95 days.

Here are the acceptable methods to meet the Move Update Standards:

  • NCOA – National Change of Address
  • Automated Address Change Service with ACS participant code and appropriate on-piece endorsement
  • Appropriate on-piece endorsement with manual returns
  • FASTforward processing letter mail – for mail houses with MLOCR equipment only

Keep in mind, to complete the Move Update process; mailers who rely on ACS or manual returns must incorporate address changes prior to subsequent mailings. For complete details, click here or contact your local Post Office.

All Tri-Media lists are updated every 30 days to insure your mailings meet the new requirements. Refer to Tri-Media‘s NCOA schedule, and last mail date possible, to help with your direct-mail planning.

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