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List Profiling

Identify Your Customers for Targeted Marketing

Your current customer mailing list is a "gold mine" of valuable information! The best results in direct-marketing will come from mailing to a list that closely matches your current customer profile. To do this, you need answers to specific questions.

  • Are the majority of your sales in rural areas or urban areas?
  • Does your customer list have a particular denominational profile? Do you have greater success with certain denominations more than others? Which denoms give you little or no response?
  • Is Church size an important factor to the sale of your product or service?
  • Does your customer list match one of Tri-Media's Specialized List Segments?
  • What is the multibuyer profile of your customer list?
  • Do you focus your marketing on a certain geographic area or region?

By matching your customer list against the Tri-Media Church Master File, all of these questions can be answered ... and we'll make recommendations and suggestions that will help make your direct-marketing efforts more successful!

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