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Address Change Service

Keep Your Customer Database Current by using Standard Mail ACS

The best way to clean and update your list is to mail it with an address correction endorsement. Without an address correction endorsement, undeliverable standard (bulk) mail is thrown away by the Post Office. The cost for a manual address correction is now 50 cents per piece (or more depending on endorsement and weight).

As an incentive to regularly update your mail list with address correction endorsements, the USPS has developed an “automated update” process that makes it much more economical to return updates to you. This process is called Address Change Service (ACS). Currently, the cost for using the proper endorsement for ACS correction is only 25 cents per piece. This service is designed to significantly reduce the number of address correction notifications provided manually and replace them with electronic notifications. However, ACS will not completely eliminate manual corrections ... you may still receive some manual corrections at the higher cost. (For complete details, go to

To use this service, you must add an ACS participant code (assigned by the USPS) to the address block. This code can be provided only by the ACS Department at the National Customer Support Center. However, to simplify the process, you can use Tri-Media's ACS Participant Code for your mailings and avoid the delay and required programming for this service. Tri-Media will perform the necessary setup, process all electronic corrections and return them to you, either on disk or in printed form indicating the old address and the new updated address.

There are specific guidelines required for label preparation and endorsement printing on the mail piece to properly qualify for the lower ACS rate. Failure to follow these guidelines can cause ALL mail pieces to be returned at the higher manual return rate!  Click here to read these important requirements for ACS processing.

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