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Church Database-Driven Direct Marketing

April 16, 2012

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Use your marketing dollars wisely to get your share of the dollars spent each year in the church market. Following are KEYS to effectively tap into the most active churches in the marketplace today, mailing targeted segments and generating greater response.

KEY #1 GEO - Identify best prospects with geographic options like county, zip codes, radius, state. Test a few different approaches using geo sorts for mailing and email campaigns.

KEY #2 DENOM - Analyze which church denominations are buying from you and others you would like to reach.

KEY #3 SIZE - Segment groups of church customers and prospects by size. You may be surprised to find broad ranges of churches with 50-99 Sunday attendance and others with over 1,000 attendance. Size data is available on most churches.

KEY #4 MINISTRY AREA - Your focus may be Children's, Youth, Adult, Singles or other church ministry, but with a closer look you could find other areas with interest in your products. Churches with Schools or Daycares, and Senior Adult, Men's or Women's ministries are good audiences to target. Lists with ministry data are available.

KEY #5 LEADERS - Determine titles or areas of responsibility of both buyers and influencers. Contact names of over 700,000 church staff and leaders, including pastors, secretaries, Sunday School, youth and worship leaders are available.

KEY #6 CAMPAIGN - Review the demographic profile gathered from the above 5 KEYS. Where have orders come from geographically? What is their denomination? What is the size of the church? What area(s) of ministry use the product? Who is using the product? Who is buying it?

KEY #7 INTEGRATION - Combine multiple media & channels (mail, phone, email, web). When utilizing and monitoring two or more channels, you'll get a clearer view of the response to your products and offers. Profile each media separately and develop a combined assessment.

- Join with a data management group specializing in church demographics. Get your data cleaned, updated and profiled to identify your buyers and target the best prospects.

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