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Advantages of Direct-Response Lists versus Compiled Lists

June 17, 2011

Direct response lists offer the following many benefits over compiled lists from yellow pages or directories. 

  • You benefit from others experience. Others have mailed to thousands of records and now you can select those with buyer activity. Mail to Response Generated Buyer files.
  • Avoid wasting marketing dollars mailing to those who don’t buy. 
  • Multiple selection criteria allow you to reach the most likely buyers based on your customer profile. 
  • Get updated contact names of buyers by title at various institutions. 
  • Greater response rates and better conversions are seen by smarter marketing via buyers. 
  • Higher deliverability percentage as the list is mailed to and proven. Compiled lists are not going to have the deliver rate close to 100% as direct response buyer lists do. 
  • Reach multi-buyers with Direct-Response lists. Ability to identify many who have bought from multiple vendors. A compiled list with no purchase activity doesn’t assure even one buyer. 
  • Much more data is available from buyer and direct response lists than from complied lists. 
  • Reliability is critical and direct-response lists provide that. 
  • Many directories list physical addresses and not the United States Postal Service deliverable address which might be a PO BOX. Mailing to physical addresses may results in returned or undeliverable mail if that address has a valid PO BOX.
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