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The Difference Between a Successful Advertorial and Disappointing Results

October 21, 2010

Special bulletin for TriMedia Online clients…

Advertorials work. If they’re done right, they can generate exceptional results for any business. Whether you’re trying to promote interest in a new business idea, or trying to drive leads to an online sales page, a good advertorial is a very effective weapon.

Effective, that is, if you write it correctly.

You see, the problem with an advertorial is it’s easy to write it wrong. And if you do, your prospect will pass it by without even giving it a second thought. Many people think they know how to write advertorials, but the results show they’re missing some important factors. So if you’re not getting the results you want from your advertorial, there’s probably a good reason.

These factors can range anywhere from using the wrong style of writing to poor transitions to disjointed copy. You see, advertorials aren’t just a typical article with a sales pitch thrown on the end. While they have elements of any good journalist’s feature, there’s a lot more to writing an advertorial that boosts the bottom line.

The good news is, once these often-overlooked factors are in place, your advertorial can pull better results than most space or banner ads once. And there’s a guy who knows what these factors are and how to make them work for you. Let us introduce you to Steve Kroening.

Steve has been writing advertorials for nearly 10 years – since long before most online marketers had ever heard the word advertorial. He’s been in direct marketing for over 17 years. He’s trained with the masters. And he’s the top advertorial writer in the country.

One confidential company hired Steve to increase its online profitability. Steve encouraged the company to do more advertorials to its customer list. He was already writing one a week for the company. So he simply suggested sending out two per week. The company hesitated, thinking it would be too much. But it wasn’t. Remember, if an advertorial is done right, your readers can’t get enough of them.

Sure enough, adding the second weekly advertorial doubled the company’s revenue from online sales.

So how can Steve help you? They say, “Experience is the best teacher, as long as it’s someone else’s experience.” Well, Steve wants to use his experience to write the world’s best advertorials for your products. And he wants to do it at an incredible price.

Steve typically charges customers $1.50 a word, with a minimum of $2,000. But because you’re working with TriMedia Online, he’s willing to cut his rate by up to 50%, with no minimum. That’s a rate of only $.75 cents a word in most cases. It’s a deal he’s offering only to TriMedia advertisers.

How can you take advantage of this fantastic deal? It’s quite simple. All you have to do is sign Steve up to write an advertorial for your company and give him at least 30 days to write it. Why 30 days? Writing a high-quality advertorial is hard work. And he wants to give you the absolute best sales article possible. The more time you give him, the better your advertorial.

Need the work done faster? That’s okay too. You can still get a great deal. If you give him 15-30 days to write the article, the price is only $.85 a word (a discount of almost 45% off the regular rate). And less than 15 days is still only $.95 a word – a discount of 37%.

Million-dollar copywriter, Joe Vitale, says, “Readers are up to 500 times more likely to read an advertorial than a straight ad.” And a great advertorial can turn a reader into a buyer with very little effort. Don’t miss another opportunity to give your business that kind of boost. There are secrets to unlock the power of advertorials.  Steve Kroening knows them. And can put them to work for you.

Remember, this is an offer for TriMedia advertorials only. Steve simply can’t afford to offer this to anyone else. So don’t wait to jump on this opportunity. You can contact Steve directly by e-mailing him at or by calling him directly at 404-444-8515.

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