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What Many Advertorial Writers Put In Their Copy That You Should Always Leave Out

October 8, 2010

The goal in advertorials is to inform, educate, and sell. To accomplish this, it's vital your prospects glide through your copy. But many writers add something to their advertorial that never needs to be there. In fact, it's so easy to include these that even the best writers have to go back and make changes.

What are these notorious glide-stoppers?

They are simply extra words.

I know, I know. It's not very exciting. But I compare many writers to speakers who like to hear themselves talk. These writers are obsessed with their verbosity. But advertorials aren't designed to impress the reader with your English skills.

Remember, you have to keep your copy as simple and down-to-earth as possible. And extra words just don't accomplish that goal.

So instead of saying, "a great number of buyers..." say, "many buyers." And instead of saying, "Everyone on the committee decided that safety should be the first of our concerns..." say, "safety is the committee's top concern."

Keeping your words to a minimum will keep your prospects focused on your product, not on your writing. And that's right where you want them.

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