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Terms & Conditions

Rates: All prices are based on payment by check. Prices are subject to change based on postage rate increases.

Cancellation Policy:  Neither advertiser nor agency may cancel or make changes to card deck insertion order after closing date. There will be a $700 charge for any card or insert canceled after closing dates, or broadcast email canceled within two weeks of scheduled broadcast date.

First-time advertisers / Prepayment accounts:  Prepayment required by check, bank wire transfer or ACH transfer. Completed credit application required to start credit approval process. Invoices are due net 30 days to approved advertisers and agencies.

List Rentals:  Rates shown are net except for list pricing. Approved list brokers receive a broker fee of 20% on list rentals, excluding output charges. Minimum billing for list rentals is $250. Flat fee available on smaller list segments. For Managed Lists, see individual data cards for minimum billing requirements.

Postal Refund Policy:  Tri-Media lists are NCOA-updated monthly with deliverability between 95 and 98% for Church lists and between 90 and 95% with Consumer lists, depending on your selection criteria.  In the event of non-delivery, a 3rd class mail refund will be issued to cover USPS costs up to .57/piece for manual returns and .31/piece for automated returns. (Since USPS does not charge for 1st class mail returns, the refund will be based on rental rate per thousand cost.) Returns must be received within 90 days of the invoice date, and only one check will be issued per invoice. No refund will be issued for postal return errors, or for refunds of less than $5.00.

Accounts past due from the date of the invoice may require prepayment for future orders. Clients of agencies more than 90 days past due will be notified of the situation and a credit-hold on any future advertising will apply.

Prepayment on broadcast emails due 1 week before broadcast date.

Texas Companies can either provide Sales Tax Exemption Certificate or a Resale Certificate or 8.25% sales tax will be added to the invoice.


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