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Email Broadcast Art Specifications

Email Specifications

  1. Email must be in HTML format. HTML should be coded using tables and we recommend not using a style sheet. Keep coding as simple as possible. HTML coded for a website won't necessarily work for an email.
  2. HTML must not contain absolute positioning or javascript
  3. We recommend no more than 50% graphic content. Higher percentages of images have a greater chance of being rejected and not delivered. Email should not be a single jpeg or gif file.
  4. Graphics and images should be provided in jpeg of gif format. Total size of all images combined should not exceed 200kb to insure optimal transmission and load time. Inclusion of large graphic images affects transmission and download speeds of the recipients of your message.
  5. Email transmission is in multi-part format. Any non-HTML compliant email address will receive a textonly version of your email message.
  6. Broadcast emails may not contain attachments.
  7. Text, copy and all graphics should arrive 2 weeks prior to scheduled broadcast date in order to maintain scheduled broadcast date.
  8. Please remember to send a subject line. Your subject line is a very important element of your email since it is a key factor in determining if someone will open your email. We recommend a strong subject line that conveys either your special offer or the benefits of your product or services. The general rule of thumb in email marketing is to keep your subject between 35 and 50 characters.
  9. Send completed art and/or HTML to

Email Setup / Broadcast Fee: $100.00

Setup includes required header and footer. Setup of links with counters, proofing in all majot ISPs and spam scoring. Text only version setup for any non-HTML email addresses. Upon completion of broadcast, you will be sent a link to an online report of opens and click thrus.

HTML Creation Fee: $150.00

  1. Text can be sent to Tri-Media in any word processing format via email. Up to 500 words permited.
  2. Basic HTML font attributes such as color, bold text, italics, underlines, and various typefaces and size to emphasize headlines and sub-headings.
  3. Some graphic enhancement, such as outlines, color boxes and shading.
  4. Photo scaning, manipulation and optimization of graphic images.
  5. Links to your company website. 
  6. Consultation with a Tri-Media designer
  7. Up to two hours of consultation/design time. Custom Graphic Design and additional time available at $75/hr

Advanced HTML Creation Fee: $250.00

Advanced HTML creation is available for more complicated layouts, emails with multiple offers and emails requiring re-sizing/cleanup of multiple graphics. Includes up to four hours of creation time. Custom Graphic Design and additional time available at $75/hr. 

Cancellation Fee: $700 if cancelled within two weeks of transmission date.

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