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Church Leaders Guide Art Specifications

Ad Size, Margins, Screens, Blends, Rules
& Reverses

  Full Page 1/2 Page 1/4 Page 2 Page Spread
Ad Size 5 5/8" W
9 1/4" H
5 5/8" W
4 3/8" H
2 5/8" W
4 3/8" H
11 1/2" W
9 1/4" H
Bleeds None None None None
Screens Screen tints should be at least 5% and no more than 80% to print properly.
Blends Blends or graduated screens should be created in Photoshop or Illustrator. 
Rules Rules or lines must be at least .5 pt or larger. No "Hairline" rules allowed.
Reverses Reversed text or white text on a colored background should be at least in 10 point type


Digital Art File Specifications

Supported Software, Fonts & Imported File Formats:

Black Text: Should be created using black only, not a 4-color process black comprised of CMY also.
PDF Proof: Please send a PDF proof with the original art files.

Applications Version MAC PC
Adobe Photoshop Latest NO YES
Adobe Illustrator Latest NO YES
Adobe InDesign Latest NO YES
Fonts   MAC PC
Postscript   NO YES
True Type   NO YES
Imported Graphics   MAC PC
EPS - CMYK & Greyscale Do Not send RBG   NO YES
TIFF - CMYK & Greyscale Do Not send RBG   NO YES

Imported Graphcs should be at least 300dpi from CMYK & Greyscale & 1200dpi for B/W.

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