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Church Leader Email

Reach Church Leaders with Your Targeted Email

Proven Responsive Pastors and Church leader email list. Mostly senior pastors and other staff pastors. List is 65% evangelical which includes Baptist, Christian, Charismatic, Fundamental, Holiness, Pentecostal and others. The balance of the list is 35% Liturgical including Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Catholic, Orthodox and others. Geographically the list covers all 50 states with the largest totals in Texas, California and Florida. Limited to one email per night - call for available broadcast dates.

Target your message to Pastors, Worship Leaders, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Adult Christian Education leaders and Business Administrative staff at the Church.

Our team is there to assist you in planning your Email strategy. Consultation is provided as needed to help you craft the message and offer complete through the design.


TC032: Email Addresses for Church Leaders:  
Total Count: 20,000            Base Rate: $60/M
Ordering Options:
Full 20,000 or 10,000 random selection.
Clients ordering 10,000 may select balance 10,000 for
future email promotion within 60 days.
The file may not be selected by size, denomination, geographic or area of responsibility.

Discounts for reserving entire file multiple dates:
3 Time Rate ----------------------------- $54/M - 10% Off
5 Time Rate ----------------------------- $51/M - 15% Off
8 Time Rate ----------------------------- $48/M - 20% Off
Discounts may be combined with other Tri-Media Email lists

Minimum Billing 10,000 emails.

Creation Fee
• $100 Setup/transmission of provided HTML.
• $150 Basic HTML creation fee (includes up to 2 hours time).
• $250 Advanced HTML Creation Fee available for more complicated layouts and emails with multiple offers. (includes up to 4 hours time)

TC032: Email Addresses for Church Leaders


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