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Maximize Results Through an Integrated Marketing Approach

May 2, 2012

You can’t expect customers, or even visitors, just because you have launched a new website.  Selling your products now requires a multi-faceted marketing approach that utilizes a combination of tried and true traditional methods and emerging digital marketing options. Having a great website is absolutely necessary, but it’s not enough.

The internet has democratized the marketplace enabling anyone with a computer and some ambition the opportunity to launch an online business. Gone are the days when companies needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their product in front of masses. This is great news for businesses and consumers, but it breeds new challenges that didn’t exist a decade ago.

We all know the feeling of using a search engine to find our product and finding new competitors that weren’t there last time we searched. If there is a new demand for your product this isn’t as big a problem, but unless you are selling iPads, that’s probably not the case. And within the finite Church market, it is really a challenge. New churches are planted, other churches merge together, and some close their doors, but the church universe remains about the same size. Yet new products and companies continually try to break into the market.

In the last decade many have turned to Email Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Online Advertising, which is undoubtedly a marketing necessity. When potential customers go online to search for a product you sell, they need to be able to find your website and if they don’t, they will find your competition. Seek out other websites that will boost traffic to your site. Exposure on sites within your targeted market will increase your own site SEO with valuable web links. Broadcast emails to targeted lists within your market will drive traffic right to your site. 

These web options are powerful tools for any marketing campaign, but a common mistake is to invest ALL of your marketing dollars in the web. As stated in the magazine, deliver, a magazine put out by the United States Postal Service:

“We live multichannel lives. You’re reading your magazine. You’re checking your smartphone for emails. You’re on the wireless on your digital tablet. You get home and check your mail and your desktop computer….  Marketers can determine just how to blend those channels to get maximum value out of their investment.”
(from the article Fantasy Multichannel, August 2011)

So, is print advertising dead or unaffordable? Nope. Catalog marketing and cooperative mailings are very much alive and profitable. These mediums along with your own solo direct mail can drive targeted traffic to your website.  I recently found an air duct cleaner, an attorney to help lower my property taxes and a bench from a home improvement store, all in direct mail pieces that landed on my front porch. I did not search for any of those things. With a targeted mailing and a quality product or service, you can reach qualified prospects before they begin their search. You have then taken a big step ahead of the competition clamoring for attention on Google.

The mailers I responded to were in completely different formats, from a variety of businesses with presumably a wide range of budgets. I found the Air Duct Cleaner in a cooperative “ValuPack”, the attorney sent a formal business type letter, and the bench was featured in a weekly coupon book. While each product and campaign was completely different, they all used a targeted mailing list to reach me. Each used a different set of criteria to find me such as a recent home purchaser, a certain household income, age of home, my purchasing history, or a request for product information. If a product and campaign is tailored to my needs, it goes from being “junk mail” to being something that is useful. Bottom line, send a valuable offer to a targeted list, not just to every name and addresses you can find, and you will see results.

The same concept applies to telemarketing. The effectiveness of a campaign begins with your offer, then select a quality list and execute with professional telemarketers. Telemarketing success rates are also increased when the campaign is done in tandem with a direct mail campaign. 

Success rates will increase when marketing channels are integrated to strengthen one comprehensive
campaign. TRI-MEDIA has implemented this approach to market our own products and has used these methods to assist hundreds of other companies for over twenty years. Whether you do any business with TRI-MEDIA in 2012, I encourage you to consider our options and implement a variety of marketing channels to get your message out there. Any one approach will not be enough to rise above the pack. Maximize your profit and investment with a multifaceted campaign. 

Article written by Eric Siegel, web coordinator of and sites. If you have any questions about our marketing options or the Christian marketplace, contact us.
Our team of consultants have an average of over 25 years of experience particularly in marketing to
Churches, homeschooling families and Christian consumers. 

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