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Collecting Your Files
You must collect, into one folder, all Postscript Fonts, TrueType fonts, and graphics used in your page layout as well as your file used to create the artwork. Once you have done this please compress it with a compression software such as WinZip of Stuffit. Once you have done this, there are two ways of getting your files to us.

Electronic File Transfer
This file transfer method is web based ftp and will only work with a web browser. If you have dial-up internet service, we do not recommend using Electronic File Transfer.
How to Use the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter "files" for both the user name and password
  3. When the Digital Graphics File Submission form appears, fill out all fields as best you can.
  4. At the bottom of the form there is a button that allows you to browse to your file. Please select the compressed file you made earlier
  5. Read the laser proof agreement and select I agree
  6. Click the submit button and wait until you receive a confirmation page showing that your files were successfully transmitted

FedEx and UPS
Tri-Media recommends that you ship your digital artwork using FedEX or UPS because you can track your package. You can use the USPS but there is no way to trace your package if it gets lost.

  1. Burn you digital artwork files that you collected earlier to a CD or DVD
  2. Package them safely and ship them to:

Tri-Media Marketing Services
5521 Bellaire Dr. South, Suite 200
Fort Worth, Texas 76109-5855


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